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I thought I completed a course but it is still in my ‘Open Courses’ page

Institute -

Once a course is successfully completed it will move to your ‘Completed Courses’ page and you will receive an email confirmation.

If a course is still in your ‘Open Courses’ page, make sure you have completed all parts of the course. Some courses have multiple videos and/or quizzes. Other courses may only have a video with no quiz.

If a course has multiple parts, click "Next" in the lower right corner until it is no longer an option. Follow the instructions on the screen, then click "Submit" (see screenshots).



If a course only has a video, click "Complete Course" when the video finishes to receive credit for the course.


Reminder, you must receive a score of 60% or above for courses to be marked as completed.


If you have completed all steps and your course still appears in your open courses please Submit a request.

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