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How do I submit a group training?

John Grelyak -

Agent group Institute training is a proven success! To increase group training usage across our network, you can now download the attached 'Template' file to manage your group training attendees. Email the 'Template' (IN CSV FORMAT) to to automatically provide credit to your students. 


NOTE: You will need to include the following pieces of information on the form:

User ID:

  • The admin of your company will need to go to the Admin Tools in Access and search each user's User ID (ex. JDoe).
  • Or the admin can also email the Institute to request a list of user IDs.

Course ID:

  • The course number or ID must match how it appears in Institute; space specific (ex. Sales - 101).


  • This must be entered as 'Completed'.

Date of Completion:

  • Date of completion, in format mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Date of registration can be the same as completion.
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