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How do I find courses about a specific topic?

John Grelyak -

You can search for a course using the course title, course ID, key words, topic, and more. Access the search bar through the left-side navigation bar as well as the navigation icon at the bottom right of the screen. Look for the magnifying glass to use the Institute’s improved search functionality.





Additionally, you can browse by general topics and easily drill down to specific content in the Course Catalog.

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  • Avatar
    Jannelle Flores

    Hello!! How can I find this page above? Thanks in advance!

  • Avatar
    Jannelle Flores

    I'm trying to log into the Institute LRE page to take some courses, but I can't access to the correct page. Please help! Thanks so much! :-)

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    John Grelyak

    Hi Jannelle!

    I sent you instructions specific to your company to have the ability to access the Institute. Let me know if you do not see the email or you have any additional questions.